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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Playa 4 Life"

(feat. Chamillionaire)

[Hook: Chamillionaire]

You know I stay stacking my cheddar, leaning back on the leather
With a ride or die chick, on my side
Nobody does it better, so somebody better tell ya

That you dealing, with a playa fo' life
I'm a playa fo' life, I'm a playa fo' life
I'm a playa fo' life, I'm a playa fo' life

You need a baller, I'm a baller your type
You need a playa, that's what I is fo' life

[Lil' Flip:]
24's on the coupe when I roll by, four guns on my lap when I roll high
Now I'm back in the trap with four fpies, three macks on my lap and a fo'-five

Mo'$#[email protected] ain't know I could rap fast, mo'$#[email protected] ain't know I could stack cash
Lil' mama right there she got a fat $$#, but you know Clover Geez don't trick cash
Now let me slow it down, for all you Screw heads

Don't call me Flipper, it's Mr. I Can Do Dat
$#[email protected] a lay-away, if I like it I buy it
And if it's purple haze, if I like it I try it

I'm doing 85, on 2-88
The music so loud, my phone on vibrate
I missed like twenty calls, and two of em my dogs

And you guessed it right, the rest of em broads


[Lil' Flip:]
Come with me and tour the globe, let me show you how it go

I'll take you out that Bebe, and put you in designer clothes
You'll be closing Phantom do's, and Dolce & Cabana clothes
The paparazzi waiting, when you stepping out that G4

G5 we fly, we high ah man
I bet your man, ain't never had a hundred grand
I be drunk every hour, I be high every minute

I be dodging the press, because my windows tinted
I'm a playa for real, diamonds lay on my grill
To get out my deal, I had to pay two mill

Now I'm happy as ever, laying back on my leather
The number one fly boy, on the back of my sweater


[Lil' Flip:]

Them chicks in Chi-Town, looking for a real playa
Them chicks in Las Vegas, they get that money out there
Them chicks in New York, cute but they talk rude

Them chicks in Paris France, now they know what to do
Them chicks in Berlin, they say they want a playa too
I got the chicks in the Lou, they hollin' what it do

Them Cali chicks, want a playa with that real do'
That's when I pull up in my drop, and let me grill show

Ay-ay come ride-come ride-come ride
Ay, Southside for life

Ain't nobody do it like me, aaay


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