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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Never Let The Game Go (feat. Z-Ro)"

Say Mike Dean, dig these blues..


Here I go again, running off at the mouth about busters
Mother$#[email protected] just mad at me, cause they diamonds ain't up in clusters
Too many times I done paid my dues, giving a damn still paying 'em fool

Could it be the reason I'm so cold in the rap game, this mother$#[email protected] pain
I'm screaming Jesus, I need a better way of life
Cause at the rate I travel now, I can't decipher day from night

Still the King of the Ghetto, the ghetto is where I lay my head at
Evade FED's at, and break bread at
These son of my (*##$es got a ^!$$% $#[email protected] up, my attitude is already rude

And too many people make me paranoid, so I wet a (*##$ and I wet a dude
Straight like that I don't give a damn, I'm gangstafied from Toderhead enough

Flipping in a gangsta ride and when it get gangsta, a gangsta will bust heads
It's in my blood I'm a mo'$#[email protected] thug, even though I know better
My only love is for my guerillas, and for the cheddar

So all you mark $$# ^!$$%z, get the $#[email protected] up out of dodge
Get your life right with God, then if you want war let's go to war

It be a bunch of drama, on my block
My partna accidently shot his mama, on my block

Trying to survive in the land of the lost, hoping I could at least find me
Cause back in high school, ain't nan one of my teacher reached me
I wan't cutting up in class, I had money on my mind

Visualizing a mother$#[email protected] come up, ready to get up and grind
Chasing paper like a mother$#[email protected], me and buddy Ro
Moving ounce after ounce, after ounce of that yayo

Making money what I love to do, but my freedom is pending
And if I get caught slipping, my freedom is ending ^!$$% I'm playing it safe
One hundreds and fifties, and twenties and tens and fives

And ones up in my safe, 3-57 and a 4-0
And a 4-4 up in my waist, a maniac
Trigga happy, and don't give a $#[email protected] what I be aiming at

Ridgemont for li' forever, I'm claiming that
(Ridgemont for li' forever, I'm claiming that)

My ^!$$%z be killing eachother, behind these busted (*##$es
I would rather be spending my time in a drop top, something live on switches

With a sack of that %#@!, so I can calm my nerves down
Dealing with (*##$ ^!$$% after (*##$ ^!$$%, I'm ready to release rounds
Out of the mini-one form I shoot till it's over with, ain't nobody gon stood up

Another one bites the dust I'm throwing that P.U.D. up, ^!$$% what
I'm ready to kill and I'm ready to die, the cause for my life
The reason I'm anti-social, and built a wall around my life

Ain't nobody with me, Z-Ro the Crooked in the flesh
Mo City Texas ain't no fashion show, ^!$$%z come to give me death
It'll be a battleground, with nothing but dead enemies or myself

Cause when I be clicking, I be feeling a strange energy within myself
I never be giving a damn about it, because it be feeling so live
And if I be doing that there, don't $#[email protected] with me and take me out of my vibe

Never gonna let the game go, fa sho

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa