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LIL FLIP lyrics : "La La La"

(feat. Play, Will Lean)


Lil' Flip always smokin' that la la la
Will Lean always smokin' that la la la
Play-hef always smokin' that la la la

It's Clover G's and you know my lullaby, come on
Excuse me (*##$, you know I'm rich
So don't snitch about how I hustle

Cause I got muscle, skip all that %#@!
Just gimme a brick (*##$

[Will Lean]
I'm a gangsta, it ain't love at first sight
You's a freak so we $#[email protected] the first night

I'm in the back seat puffin' that la la la
Me and my ^!$$%z gettin' high high high
You better ask around, that I smokes a pound

Four four desert eagle what I tote around
^!$$%, in that Coup de Ville
Hit ya wit the steel ^!$$% let loose ya grill

You choose to squeal, it's the truth I kill
With that infra red beam let loose ya grill ^!$$%
Uh, and I take ya head off when I grab my %#@!

And start lettin' this lead off


Yeh, you know how we do it man
If you in ya mother$#[email protected]' car

Cut this %#@! up ^!$$% (cut it up)

[Lil' Flip]

Yeh, we got the dro fire it up
You want me to do it show you gotta wire it up
Go to Western Union and call me back

Gimme the tracking number ^!$$% and I can do that
I need the dro ^!$$% top of the line
You got clothes in yo closet but they not like mine

You got hoes in yo camp but they can't flow like us
You got weed in yo yard but it don't grow like us
Inhale exhale, Sprints and Nextels

Gotta write letters to my ^!$$%z that's in jail (keep ya head up)
Locked up they baby momma knocked up
If ^!$$%z play wid my money my guns get @@#!ed up

I franchise like a Houston Rocket
Every eight months is when I usually drop it
Every eight blunts is when I usually stop it

Every eight glocks is when I usually pop it


Ain't wid that huggin' and kissin' and lovin', (*##$

I'm wid that smokin' and drinkin'
Cause I gotta keep it thuggin
And I'm bumpin' and grindin'

Got to put the snake to bite
R kel's I'm up all night put up a good fight
If you gon' jack somethin' make sure ya jack good

Cause if not, then I pop and I go get my guns
I rap for Clover G's and I rap for P-T-P
I rap for all them gangstas out there gettin' they cheese

I Double XL or Source to make bread
I need pots a few bricks to go slice my bread
Me Flip and Will will flip and lean on you

Take ya truck that's not ya rap and $#[email protected] a rap
After Lil' Flip album ya $$# is crap
You know me Play-hef and the tracks we lacin'

Smokin' on that bubble that sticky Canadian bacon
$#[email protected] a lil hand stamp that %#@!


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