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LIL FLIP lyrics : "In My Backyard"

(feat. Yung Redd)

[Yung Redd]

Yeah, take a look into my backyard
Where there ain't no way out, and ^!$$%s wanna act hard
Watch your friends, some turn to fakers

That's why I smoke green acres
Get your paper, look around the world is violent
I, do my dirt and move in silence

Come on, you seen them capture, heard them sirens
Just come outside, boys are fighting
Yet the, grass is green, mosquitos biting

So I grabbed a pencil, and started writing
About the the %#@! we seen, the %#@! we did
And how we live, just growing up as a kid

Down in Houston Texas, its hot as hell
I know its hard to gain, easy to fail
Now days, anything might send you to jail

Take note, this is show and tell, in my backyard


Ooh I never thought, that it would be this way
Living in the ghetto
Who would of thought that I could make a change

All I ever wanted, was to make it out this game
Living in the ghetto
I kept on trying until I found my way, my way

[Yung Redd]
From the porch to the street, from the street to the sto'

From the sto' to the corner, where a ^!$$% sold dope
Put it together, this left ^!$$%s with no hope
But it seemed to twerk the block, work or stay broke

Oh no, back then money was slow
Wasn't cool to be bold, believe it I know
Wasn't no field of dreams, couldn't get no sleep

When cops popped the pistols, in the street
Now let's see, the ghetto's been shooting at me
Tell me to freeze, before I can stash my cheese

Some of us get caught, some make it out
Day in and day out, on a paper route


[Yung Redd]

Waking up with the roosters, can't do what I use to
Like wasting time, $#[email protected] with losers
This is what goes on, way down here

Tell it like it is, we stay round here
All my ^!$$%s, get paid round here
Sometimes, people get sprayed round here

Hey, days and nights, nights and days
I use to dream of ways, to get paid
So now I'm, looking around to see what's shaking

Opportunity knocked, but my spot was vacant
Boys on the country, locked up for hustling
Game over, we just got time for nothing

You might see ^!$$%s yelling, always fussing
Around the way, this what happens everyday
So just put up your guards, times is hard

Live from the backyard, from the backyard


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