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LIL FLIP lyrics : "I Shoulda Listened (Remix)"

This song right here, this what Steve Harvey say
He like off the album I Shoulda Listened

Shouts out to my ^!$$% Steve Harvey (yeah)
My ^!$$% Cool Cat, you know this just the underground %#@!
Freestyles man (freestyles), off my own beats

Check me out look

[Lil' Flip]

I shoulda listened, when you said don't do
A lot of %#@!, that people just don't do (my bad)
Move that dope (what), sell that crack (what)

Just to get money, and drive a Cadillac
I shoulda listened, when you told me
That, bull%#@! is what they sold me

Cause, they say black people ignorant
But I don't think that, I didn't listen
I'm in a bigger position, I paid my dues

I keep God first, cause that's the rules
I'm a changed man, the same man
I'm Lil' Flip, I stick to the game plan

Execute every move, watch out for every hater
$#[email protected] getting blown, ^!$$% I'm about my paper
After my paper blown, then I'ma get blown

But if I ain't got no paper, ain't no reason to blow
I do the show, and I make my stacks
A lot of ^!$$%z, don't know these tracks

Go everywhere, even overseas
That's why, I got some Range Rover keys
Cause I keep, going platinum in the streets

And I keep going platinum on these, beats
And some rappers, ain't even on they feet
But they doing thirty shows, all week

And I'm at my peak, I'ma be the best
Represent for the South, like Pac did the West
I'ma rep, for my ^!$$%z who in jail

I'ma rep, for ^!$$%z who making crack sales
I'ma rep, for my ^!$$%z in the mother$#[email protected] Penn
Trying to get out, just got ten

I'ma rep, for the ^!$$%z with no do'
I'ma rep, for the pimps who be really pimping hoes
Pimpin Ken, can't forget the Don Juan

I'm Lil' Flip, what's up to my ^!$$% Ron
Lil' Ron ^!$$%, that's my dog ^!$$%
You got some beef, all you gotta do is call ^!$$%

You know we coming, me and Hump we gunning
Watching out for these hoes, that I $#[email protected] when I was in Hundred
Middle School, I was just a little fool

I did a lot of %#@!, I got shot and was in critical
Condition, but I was still on a mission
It's like tracks, it's just like I'm fishing

I write a hook, and I hope somebody bank
I might go platinum, if it's music that they like
I'm so tight, cause I'm better now

I'm getting cheddar now, I'ma do a double header now
I'ma sell a lot of records, I'ma tell the people
I'm Lil' Flip, and I'm so so special

Yeah (yeah), ha-ha I shoulda listened man

I shoulda listened, and that's what I'm saying man
Reality, this a reality check for y'all
Yeah, I shoulda listened, yeah I shoulda listened

Uh I shoulda listened, yeah kids, I shoulda listened
Keep God first

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