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LIL FLIP lyrics : "I Don't Do Much"

(feat. C-Bo, Will Lean)

[Flip talking]

Counting money, I don't do much
I don't do much, we makin' paper this year
way more paper come on

[Lil' Flip]
You know me and Will Clover G's

so please don't $#[email protected] wid me
Cause I could get you $#[email protected] up for free
Y'all ^!$$%z gotta pay a fee

Y'all ^!$$%z gotta pay a G I'm jammin
Jay-Z in a J-A-G smokin, B-U-D wid cold A-C
We blowin, B-I-G all day long

We ride on chrome, that's how we get it on
We smokin' blunts we don't smoke them dutches
We break weed down like broken crutches

Just pass the grass and keep on puffin'
Just mash your gas and keep on hustlin'
I'm always thinkin' that reality flow

I should make my lifestyle a reality show


It's C-Bo Lil' Flip and that ^!$$% Will Lean
In a platinum super six hundred big wheelin'
Yeh, this be the hit that I get rich on

If you don't know about my records you can just piss on
Cause I don't wait for nobody to do nothin' for me
I damn for sure don't expect nobody to do nothin' for free

Cause I'm a young, hustlin' ^!$$%, trigger happy busta ^!$$%
Knock the ball out the park like Dave Justice ^!$$%
West Coast Clover G's, what's happenin' ^!$$%

Talkin' bout the ^!$$%'s figures as big as flippers
Come on, you don't know what you gettin' into
We sits three wheels on somethin' that you livin' in dude

The truck got bigger t-v's than ya livin' room do
You wouldn't take %#@! if a ^!$$% give it to you

[Will Lean]
I don't do much but keep my ice, blocked and crushed up
Twenty two inch rims and a Benz to clutch

I don't do much, these hoes say I think I'm to much
Because the Escalade trucks smell like nubuck
I don't do much, but try to overload my safe

It started out slim but now it's overweight
I don't do much, but get my momma a new 'lac
The Range Rover is white but she wanted a blue 'lac

I don't do much, now she sittin' on twenty inch anchors
Walk a quarter mile to get the newspaper
I don't do much, but keep my family fed ^!$$%

I breakin' bread ^!$$%, breakin' heads ^!$$%
I don't do much, but keep representin' my block
Botany big shots representin' off top

And I'ma stay screwed up, homie it's in my blood
Lil' Flip grab the 'tuss, C-Bo blast them slugs

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