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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Game Over (Flip)"


[Chorus: repeat 4x]
Game over, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip

[Verse One]
Ah %#@!, y'all done $#[email protected] up and let me in this (*##$

I'm just your average hood ^!$$% with dreams of gettin' rich (But you don't hear me)
My crib big like a football field (football field)
You might $#[email protected] around and think I signed a football deal (But you don't hear me)

I take 15 minutes to drop a track (yeah)
I take half a minute to load my gat (But you don't hear me)
I make 'em gloss all across the globe

I'm a pimp, I got your hoe takin' off her clothes (But you don't hear me)
A franchise like a Houston Rocket (Houston Rocket)
Every eight months is when I usually drop it (But you don't hear me)

I got the streets on lock, I like my beats with knock
You know my heat stay @@#!ed, ^!$$%aaaa


[Verse Two]

Look, I'm a Christal ^!$$% and you a red-winer
You just an opening act, but I'm the headliner (But you don't hear me)
I'm 'bout to ship 3 mill' off top

You got your deal off your man, I got my deal off props (But you don't hear me)
I'm connected like dub and Mach-10 with ice cubes in my watch
And dubs on the black Benz (But you don't hear me)

I'm getting' paid 'cause I do all the work
It's rainy days if we don't move all our work, we go bizirk (But you don't hear me)
I'm on the block fam, in the cream drop Lam

Most of ya'll cats with deals, y'all ain't hot man (But you don't hear me)
I'm 'bout to do it again, you 'bout to lose it again
It's show and tell mother$#[email protected], I'm a prove it again


The game over, 'cause %#@! about to change over
It's 'bout time 'cause hip-hop need a make over (But you don't hear me)
If most producers want to charge too much

But around my way that's how you get $#[email protected] up (But you don't hear me)
You might think we all beats and rhymes
But way before this rap %#@!, ^!$$%, the streets was mine (But you don't hear me)

I got that hot %#@!, that "Thug Life" 'Pac %#@!
That get hot %#@!, that B.I.G. "Ready to Die" %#@!


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