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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Freestyle (Lose Yourself)"

[Lil' Flip & Lil' Ron Talking]

[Lil' Flip]

Yeah, they told me I had to prove myself I'm like Eminem I'ma
Yourself myself, I'ma Neva eva go lose my wealth, long as I got
CB on the shelf, I'ma be paid ^!$$%, live laid ^!$$%, I been rappin

Ever since the third grade ^!$$%, I keep the game from head to D,
To the B R A T Jamaican free, I used to wanna rap but I
Couldn't buy beats, I never been the trick but I got treats

Lil' Flippa I had to shine, graduated in 1999
I said I just gone rap for a year go back to highschool no I can't
Be a quita, I can't $#[email protected] all night, I gotta live with my dream

I had a dream to be the Freestyle King
And I am I am and you ^!$$%z still hatin, and you ^!$$%z broke
Sittin' on the cratin, waitin, wanna do a track with me, ^!$$%,

I got my catz with me, A lot of ^!$$%z comin after me,
Shall ^!$$%z not like my family, if you ain't die with me ^!$$%,
I'm screaming $#[email protected] y'all, hump to hump told me don't thrush you

I'ma bout my money man, wit you bout ^!$$%, do really got a car
And a house ^!$$%, did take care of mama when you got paid,
Did you $#[email protected] with a (*##$ and go get laid, when got my money ^!$$%

I went to see my mother$#[email protected] ^!$$%z who was in the penadentry,
With no money ^!$$%, with no hoes, with no clothes, some ^!$$%z
In night in parole but, I'm still cold on the mother$#[email protected] mic ^!$$%,

I'm so throwed I can $#[email protected] a dike ^!$$%,
I been freestylin ^!$$% all my life ^!$$%, I'm doin this %#@! from the head
I ain't white ^!$$%, ^!$$%z hate me, but I don't really care,

Cause I'ma be a legend like Andre Wettah, you can't $#[email protected] wit me,
You might as well jump down cause I'm the hardest freestyler around,
Man, Lil' Ron we havin a little fun, we packing big bullets and we got

Those little guns, ^!$$%, we don't play with you ^!$$%z, that's why
We won't spend a mother$#[email protected] day with you ^!$$%z, you ^!$$%z
Talkin, hatin and chit chat, ^!$$% we the $#[email protected] sucka free ^!$$%

On the map, and I did like that, my ^!$$%, in this rap game,
Committed like that, I can spit it like that, what my fitted like that,
When you I can do dat ^!$$% I did it like that, there was a reason,

I'm ballin every season, ^!$$% I'm young dirty $$# hevened, but I
Found my way up part the ghetto, you tried to take what I work
Before I got the ghetto, and I don't play wit you ^!$$%z, $#[email protected] you,

I got money ^!$$%, I can have somebody touch you, but I'ma
Be the bigger man and leave that %#@! alone, cause Screw know
Who the real king thats on the throne, ^!$$% you really need to

Come $#[email protected] wit me, cause I'll really really can't $#[email protected] wit me,
^!$$%, (*##$

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