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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Forgot The Fame"

[Lil' Flip]
I come from a hood where everybody standin on the corner
What you need? some weed, speed, or some [email protected][email protected]&&?

You can get it right here or get it down there
But when the laws pull up get away from 'round there
Now ^!$$%z think a ^!$$% started changin

Just cause a ^!$$% gotta platinum chain hanging
I still got the same ^!$$%z that I'm down with
If a ^!$$% owe me money we gon'shoot down %#@!

I use to sell work I use to sell pints
But now I'm doing %#@! I got three million in the bank
I done made alot of moves and payed alot of dues

And if you $#[email protected] with me, you might make tonight news
Now ^!$$%z get on TV and forget they partnas
The ones who keep it real come to yo shows with the choppas

The one who bring that drank, bring that weed to yo house
Them the ^!$$%z down wit me that represent the South, uh

I want the money
I don't give a $#[email protected] about the fame

No matter how rich I get Lil' Flip will never change
I want the money
I don't give a $#[email protected] about the fame

I do this %#@! so my patnas don't have to slang cain

[Lil' Flip]

Now everytime I get back somebody went to jail
But they taught us don't go to school and you will fail
I didn't go to college but its money in my wallet

And I just bought a Jag with zero mileage
Now people like "Flip, you know I'm tryin to rap"
But you was hatin on me, ^!$$% you might get slapped

Your telephone tapped, you got the hood hot
Matter of fact it don't look good for you to be standin on the block
^!$$% what about the cops? They rollin and lookin

and everybody know what you sellin and cookin
So get yo mind right ^!$$% stay out the streets
You see what I did, now I play with these beats


[Lil' Flip]
I'm like a hundred-dollar bill I'm hard change
And now its funny everybody aint acting the same

Rule one never let ^!$$%z learn your business
Rule two never ever ever burn yo bridges
I had ^!$$%z that was hatin smilin in my face

Way before "Buy the Car, Buy the House", and "DiamondsNyaface"
Now they see me in the streets like "I wanna do a song"
^!$$% yous a hoe cry babies go home!

Cause you aint selling records don't get mad
Cause you see me ballin hard in a drop top Jag
When you see me at The Source just chunk up a deuce

Cause I represent Cloverland jumpin out my Coupe
I'm still gon' be the same ^!$$% on the scene
I'm still gon' be the only freestyle king......

[DJ scratches] I'm still gon'
[DJ scratches] still... still gon be the only

('Another chop chop productions')
[DJ scratches] free... [DJ scratches] freesty..
[DJ scratches] I'm still gon' be the only free style king...

[DJ scratches] only only only only fre[mumbling]ee style king
[DJ scratches] ...free style king
[DJ scratches] still gon

[DJ scratches] ly freest..king.. I'm still gon
[DJ scratches] I'm still gon be the only
[DJ scratches] styl [DJ scratches] still gon be

[DJ scratches] I'm still gon' be the only free
[DJ scratches]

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