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LIL FLIP lyrics : "For My Thugs"

(feat. Trick Daddy)

Lil Flip, Trick Daddy...

[Hook x2: Trick Daddy]
I'm doing this one for the thugs

And them boys down South, much love for the thugs yes sir
For the thugs, and them boys in the city
Much love for the thugs, yes sir

[Lil Flip]
From city to city, state to state

Me and my ^!$$%z on the road, trying to make this cake
Cause if you don't work, you don't eat
So right now I'm in the studio, bringing the heat

And I've been doing this rap thang, for a long time
I went from flipping them dimes, to kicking them rhymes
From one tat, to twenty five tats

I went from one sling shot, to twenty five gats
And all I want, is twenty five placks
And if you want a show, I need twenty five stacks

$#[email protected] a dat, I got a playback machine
One mic one stage, and a ounce of green
And I'ma show you, how we do it down here

And if you ain't from round here, get the hell from down here
And just kick off your shoes, and relax your feet
It's Lil Flip, Trick Daddy and my boy Greg Street

[Hook x2: Trick Daddy]

[Lil Flip]
When I'm thugging like Pac, when I'm hugging my block
If you run to the cops, I'ma come with my glock

If you play with my do', I'ma spray at your hoe
So if the %#@! ever happen, don't act like you ain't know
Cause I got ^!$$%z on my team, that'll pop the steal

And make your body disappear, like David Copperfield
And I got family in Miami, that'll ride for me
I got some homies in Atlanta, that'll die for me

And I'm a pimp, so my hoes never lie to me
They get taped with my cane, and go fly for me
So bring daddy his cash, so I can re-up quick

Then supply my customers, when I flood the strip
$#[email protected] a drought I got that work, like a booking agent
I got bricks in the attic, and pounds in the [email protected]&(t

And that's how we hustle, around my way
We living like Denzel, on Training Day, cause I'm a thug

[Hook x4: Trick Daddy]

[Lil Flip]

I'm doing this for Houston, Dallas, College Station
To all my young thugs, who still on probation
For my ^!$$%z locked up, with no parole

And to whoever bought my tape, cause my %#@! went gold
And we thugging, rolling on Dubs and
We valet, when we come to the club and

I stay strapped up, cause I got shot this year
And I'm about to go quadruple, like Pac this year
That's one million, two million, three million, fo'

And after that, I'ma put red in the do'
So just kick off your shoes, and relax your feet
And watch me put these hoes, on the ecstasy

Yeah ^!$$%...

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