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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Dem Boyz Remix (Screwed)"

(feat. Skillz1)

Remix, Remix Haha WOOOO

[Chorus: Lil' Flip - Repeat 2X]
Is it cause dem boyz is out there shinin (shinin)

maybe cause dem boyz is out there grindin (grindin)
platinum pieces with canary diamonds (diamonds)
but haters they talkin but never mind them (never mind them)

[Verse 1: Skillz1]
I don't pu-push the cane, I push the brain

ahead of the game-aimin range
not the Rover never pullin over
smooth like Hova gettin'older (It's the remix)

Not the +Mafia+ but the +Three Six+ is parked outside
Got you thinkin how you got left with the Lincoln
Me and Flip on some new %#@! we stay in the lab don't bull%#@!

Stick to the motto, pop a few bottles, $#[email protected] a few models feel no sorrow
Some people said slow my role but the breads comin fast and I know
That the platinum pieces keep me shinin

And thinkin I'm a mother keeps me grindin
Entered the game at a young age-I'm own my on I'm out the cage
If you say I'm young and I can't get in

Use a fake I.D with a picture of my rims
24's my work who knows-Skillz on a track with a platinum rapper
Pockets getting much fatter!


[Verse 2: Lil' Flip]
I got big rocks all in my cross-every night a differant hoe I toss
you better check the facts, check the stats ya'll ^!$$%z lossed

how much my jewerly cost just ask my ^!$$% boss
it's winter time so you know the birds fly south
so spread it word of mouth I'm tryna get e'm out

I'm from the Clover ^!$$% we gon'make it through the drought
got thirty in the valt, got fifty on my neck
a hundred on my wrist, three-hundred on my check

five-hundred for my Benz, four-hundred for my friends
we rollin on Lorenz watch the spinners spin
we pimpin hoes like Ken we never drink on gen

my records always spin, I gotta win nigggaaa


[Verse 3: Skillz1]
No matter what the mood is gotta throwback St.Louis

shinin-and-grindin these ain't no birds these is canari diamonds
so quit ya yappin we rappin before I get to clappin
for the 2-1-4, the 7-1-3 I stay on my Q's, I stay on my P's

I do what I do, I do it with ease so (*##$ please
the top of the list the fact that I'm shinin
point nose down and you know I'm grindin

not the cliff but I got some cliffs
tens stacks and I make a hit and I flip to a brick
and I add a five hit the block now it's time to grind

pants saggin, money braggin, playin one, gucci the two
H1, H2's Flip in a Jag-and the rest of the crew
snakes to snakes (*##$es to models

pop the bottles differant zones, time zones
fire zone, WOOOO I'm in Jacob zone


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