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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Bustaclip"

[Lil' Flip:]

Let's take it back to the streets ^!$$%aaaaaa
East coast

West coast
To the dirty dirtttyyyy

It's Flip Gates
The #1 fly boy
I'm strapped ^!$$%

Let's get it poppin'

[Verse 1:]

I got a brand new 'Mac I hope this (*##$ don't jam
I had to bulletproof the Lam, I learned that from Cam
You want a thang got em yams go straight to Money Gram

I'm from the hood, so you know I'm down wit any money scam
Black glocks, white glocks spit like sheet rock
You know a drank on me, this concert gon' stop

A lot of cops at the scene tryin' to shut %#@! down
You was a nobody, but now you famous now
I be out in Chi-town wit some real OG's

Matter of fact one of them had dinner wit me
You gotta play by the rules when you on these streets
You lil' ^!$$%s tryin' to mimic what you see on beef

You betta


Bustaclip [repeatedly w/ Lil' Flip ad libs]
I can't deny it, I'm a straight rider
You don't wanna beef wit meee

[Verse 2:]
I know some Long Beach Crips (fo' reeeall?)

I know some Englewood Bloods (bloods)
And you can ask ??? fans I got Cali love (love)
I got a strap waitin' for me everytime I land

Just to send you a message, I'll clap your man
Now he under white sheets like the Klu Klux Klan
You lil' boys shouldn't beef wit a grown $$# man

I got stripes in the hood, I put in work fo' real
And mentioning me, will get you put in dirt fo' real
How much that gramma yay, (*##$ you carry weigh

Cause I'm on this Alize and I carry cake
I came back to the streets I had to let y'all know
And by the way my new deal worth 8.4

So I'mma


I'm strapped ^!$$%
I'm strapped ^!$$%
I'm strapped ^!$$%, what about you?

[Verse 3:]
This for my Nap-town ^!$$%s all my G-town killas

The ones wit the blow and them 18 wheelers
Cross the state lines wit it on them waist line @@#!ed
Cross lope and you know it's goin' doowwnnn (like Yung Joc)

40 cal, 50 cal, what you workin' wit ^!$$%?
I'm in a Maserati what you swervin' in ^!$$%?
And when I'm out in Cleveland, I'm $#[email protected]' wit X

It's been 'bout 5 years he still holdin' my tech
I be in the gun range like everyday
You betta pray no drama ever come my way

I'm in the studio now wit a gun on my hip
And I'm tired talkin' 'bout the beef wit me and
You betta


[Lil' Flip: Talkin']
This some %#@! for the street baby
We bust a clip everyday

You know what it is
I do what I wanna do ^!$$%
When I feel like it ^!$$%
Track And Productions on the mutha$#[email protected]' track
Full Effeck is the mutha$#[email protected]' future

Cross them ^!$$%s, I shoot you ^!$$%
Any ^!$$%, who got a gun and a chain ^!$$%
And that dough, that's a true d-boy
Can't be a dope boy without a gun and a chain
Make sure you got them extra clips ^!$$%

But on the real ^!$$%, don't hate on a ^!$$% when you see me pull up on that Maserati
I'm done wit the mutha$#[email protected]' Maybach
$#[email protected] that %#@! ^!$$%, I'm on some drop top flashy "Flash Gordon" type %#@!

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