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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Addicted (Mary Jane)"

Yeah, I wrote this song for Mary Jane
It's only one (*##$ I trick my dough fo'

haha, a lotta y'all ^!$$%s spendin y'all money foolishly man
Invest in that Purple Haze, that Train Wreck
That Capiss, knawI'msayin

It'll have you right,oh boy

[Chorus - 2x]

I be smokin on that Mary Jane
Do you be smokin on that Mary Jane? (I wanna know)
See I'm addicted to that Mary Jane

Are you addicted to that Mary Jane? (I need mo')

[Verse 1]

Ay, the first time you let me hit I really wasn't with it
Now look, I need yo' $$# every minute
I wake up early, fiendin for a big blunt

Plus tonight, I got a show in Romant
I know you heard about the Dirty, we so crunk
Gimme a swisher fill it up, with Super Skunk

That Hash Flynt got me swervin when I drive
Even when my money low I find a way to get high
If you a bud smoker, come blaze with me

Have a cup of lean, now you feelin dizzy
You know I gets busy, chiefin back-to-back
About to cough up a lung ^!$$% hit that

[Chorus - 2x]

[Verse 2]
Ay, go get a highlife, this weed messin up my eyesight
At night time I can't drive right

You wanna feel what my vibe like
Then put 28 grams, in my pipe, I bet it get you right
And $#[email protected] what you heard, weed is the best thrill

So lil' mama you can keep them (X pills)
Cali got the best kill
But Amsterdam got everything all year, huh

And you can smoke on the streets, watch my DVD
I'm in love with W, E-E-D
Please pass the blunt, don't hold the blunt

Cause if the laws come, you gon be the first to run, (*##$

[Chorus - 2x]

[Verse 3]
Ay, ay, this last verse gon be short as $#[email protected] (why?)

Cause Verse 1 I had a ounce (but I smoked it up)
Got game from the OG's (and I soaked it up)
In three years, three albums (I'm platinum plus)

Now I'm coppin Blueberry like it ain't no thang
(But not on Tuesdays and Thursdays) cause the people swang
(And why you chokin my ^!$$%?) you can't handle it

(Well take this, gimme that) smoke a cancer stick, trick

[Chorus - 2x]

Yeah, if you in yo' whip rollin, even if you ain't a baller

Even if you gotta roll up one of them small $$# little-bitty cigarillos
Do what you do man
Over here we ball outta control man, fo' real man

We take two blunts and put them sideways to make them fat
Then we take another one and put it the other way to make it long ^!$$%
You ever put a whole ounce in a bone ^!$$%?

Have you ever been to Amsterdam ^!$$%?
You ever smoke Purple Kush, Purple Haze, OG Kush
Master Kush, Train Wreck, Maui Waui, all that %#@! man?

Ah man, we do it big man
White Widow, Triple X, Sweettooth
Sometimes ^!$$%s be havin sweetooths man

Haha, youknowI'msayin
We ball outta control baby
And don't hate on me man, cause I smell like that doja

And you smokin on that Bobby Brown
Uh, yeah

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