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LIL FLIP lyrics : "7-1-3 (Remix)"

Junior talk that ole hustling talk
I was gon tell his daddy, but I found

Out his daddy was a damn hustla

Lil' Flip, representing 7-1-3 ^!$$% yeah...

[Lil' Flip]
You know I'm back on the scene, with a pocket full of green

It's Lil' Flip, I'm the Freestyle King
So extra extra, read all about it
Guess who went platinum when, everybody doubt it

Me, and ain't %#@! for free
I'm on your track, cause I'm a hard emcee
Don't hate on me, cause you a scrub

Summertime, I'm riding Dubz
Feeling good, representing where I stay
I got a H, and I got a AK

So don't play, cause I got gats
Summertime I'm on Dubz, ^!$$% how you love that
I got the plack for the King, I got the

Platinum plack ^!$$%, size me up for the ring
Cause I'm a champion, you a loser
You $#[email protected] around with me, and I'll bruise you

Real break your neck, ^!$$% now you eating
Out a straw, playing with a man you a boy
My paper grown, how you fold that

How the $#[email protected] you hating, and you ain't gold yet
How you hating, when you ain't even went platinum
^!$$% what the $#[email protected] is going on, why you capping

You acting like you a star, but ain't nobody buying your %#@!
You dummy, you the dumbest in the click
Cause, you wanna act like you hard and %#@!

But real ^!$$%s like me know, that you fraud and %#@!
Cause you a faker, you ain't no mother$#[email protected] gangsta
Like 50 Cent say, you just a wanksta

How you claim to be a hustla, when you flat broke
My ^!$$% I'm stepping out, in a mink coat
I got blue, black, red (red)

I got a lot of girls, some of em give me head
Some of em give me bread, when my money get low
I use to $#[email protected], one three days in a row

But she wouldn't let me drive her car
So I found me a (*##$, with a Jaguar
Now I got, two herbs in mind

So don't try and jack, cause I'll burst a nine
That's one shot, two shot, three shot, fo'
And if you don't die, I'ma shoot five mo'

Yeah ^!$$%, I'm on my grind
I'm just like Nas, I'm a mastermind
You got a plan, before you try to do something

Get a rubber, before you try to screw something


Yeah ha-ha, it's your boy Lil' Flip man
I represent the 7-1-3, ^!$$%
Shouts out to all my ^!$$%s in H-Town

Big H.A.W.K., Chris Ward, (Pokey), Z-Ro
3-2, (Big Moe), all my ^!$$%s in H-Town
(Lil Troy), Wise Guys, (T-2), can't forget

Who else I'm leaving out in this mother$#[email protected]
Shouts out to the mother$#[email protected] Walston, you know
All the Houston ^!$$%s getting they money

C-Note, Willean, that's how we doing it
Who else we forget, can't forget
J-Mack and Mad Hatter, 97.9-97.1 House Party

All that %#@!, we repping this mother$#[email protected] 7-1-3
^!$$%, holla back, ha-ha, iight
Oh can't forget my ^!$$% Swamp, my bad dog

We can't forget Ron Wilson
He got the Lamborghini, you see it

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