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LIL FIZZ : One Night Stand lyrics

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LIL FIZZ lyrics : "One Night Stand"

(feat. J-Boog)

[Lil Fizz:]

Lil Mama if you want it
come and get it
Right know cause I got it baby

Buttercream and chocolate lady
Row ltes get it poppin Baby
Cause my mercedes holds to pin ups and centerfold

Pent House with a dress code
Bikinis and your open toes
and I'm here for the weekend If You creapin been thinkin bout cheatin

Care less who you seeing, I fyou leave him cause I ain't tryin to sleep up
I hug up when I done I'm done
You lucky if you get two or one

Ahh what we do is fun and love how you use your tongue But baby thats what I do for fun
One night you can choose you
Hate to bruise and run. But condoms I only use em once

So yes we can only do this
Here ya one night to keep me up
No love to the beatin up

Cause when the sun raise I gotta ride(ride)
Cause theres lots other chicks on the otherside(side)
And I dont need a chick ona brother side

less undercover like she ain't tryna smother mine
Ma we good if you can keep it straight
And in a case where I'm losing faith

Yes Ma I"ll use your face
Tell your man he wont lose his place
Cause I wont trick and I wont send shoes your way

Ma I dont do the groups these days
I'm on my own I make things move my way
I don't need a girlfriend I grew up babe

Look you must won't the dude with braids(HA HA)


Are there any fans in the stands
who only looking for a one night stand
I'm not not tryna be ya man

Promise It wont lastlong
If I decide I'mma take you home
Are there any ladies in this room

who wanna meet me at the telly @ 2
I'm not tryna be wit you
Promise It wont last long

If I decide I'mma take you home (take you home)Yeah,Yeah ,Yo,Yo


let me stand up in it
you never had a real dealman up in it
2 minutes he finish

20 minutes I'm winnin cleanin ya kicthen up and lickin cause you pan was stickin
Aint no such thing as quitting
when I'm hittin that thang

I give you the hole pipe I see you veins
J-Boog girl aint a damn thang changed
You won't me to stay girl I don't see no rings. Rings. Now when I'm from the back

You never felt a ^!$$% have it lit like that
Fell the %#@!
Smackin on ya

Killin it so fast
Your boby it cant last
Later on it gotta rash

Cause I'm moving thangs
I'm pumpin on you cats
I see it in your face

You lickin on my neck I can't be erased
I put it in the toilet cant leave no trace
Now get a grip ma grab them hips flip them lips

I just put it in while you get stiff
Just take the hit Ma
Can you have my kids? What yo

Its a one night stand we aint gotta be friends
On the other hand if its good I can
But I wouldn't be true to the man I am If I dont send ya $$# back to the stands

Girl its cool If we ride out
but its really nothing more than a night out
And its just something new I wanna try out

Plus when the sun come I gotta fly out
And I go from here to Chi-Town,Chi-Town to G.A Atlanta to Bosolon Brazil to Toronto back to Chicago then Ma I gotta go home
Its something we can do for an hour or 2
If you promise It wont last long
Our hearts brake when a ^!$$% gotta go like 1,2 pumps then I gone

And it really depends I Imma see you again Next time I touch down I could bne seeing a friend
and the time after that I could be seeing ya friend
So It'll be a while for you see be again
[Chorus Ends]
[Beats Fades]

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