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LIL FIZZ : Curious lyrics

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LIL FIZZ lyrics : "Curious"

(feat. T-Pain)


Fizzo, Fizzo
This right here is for the whole West Coast

I see you [indistinct name]

[Hook: T-Pain]

I know you're curious (ooo)
You're ready for a new lifestyle
I know you're curious (ooo)

You wanna get in my background
I know you're curious baby (ohh)
Watch me pop my collar

I know you're curious baby
Let's roll, let's go (ooo- woah)

[Verse 1:]
At any time you can catch me in that 55
Sittin low when I roll, getting plenty shine

At home or on the road I got plenty dimes
Plus the boy game so cold call it winter time
We can hit Melrose, you can pick a line

Pop tags, 20 bags, I ain't have to spend a dime
Spend all my time flippin dimes
In that 745 man, I call the whip dinner time

Not that long ago they thought I lost it
Til the boy came back flossin
Parked that Aston Martin

At the Slauson
Then he got out walkin, yeah
You wanna come through more than often

Cuz the chain so froze got you coughin
I was young then, now I'm bossin
Ma, I got a crib that you'll get lost in


[Verse 2:]
Mami, I'm so fly, well so they say
Even in Saint Tropez, he so LA

No hyphy, don't go dumb
Minus the Chucks
Still got a swag like chuuch

And I don't do much
Brought the Coup out cuz the Phantom's too much
In that new blue truck

Man, they haters can't stand I'm too much
Oh, this right here, I spent five on it
I got a 6-4, it just got a 5 on it

I just get it when I want it
Cuz it's the next big thing just as long as I'm on it
So I have 5 on it

Look, so much money in the bank I could buy 5 of 'em
Or maybe like 9 of 'em
Nah, man, like 99 of 'em


[Verse 3:]
Damn, you wanna know how the boy do that
Cruise down the Shaw wit the top blew back

From the front to the back
In like 3 seconds flat
In the blink of an eye

How the top do that?
I don't know how the top do that
But this is how it goes when you drop two stacks

Let one go, then you cop two back
And the presidential tents make the cops too mad
Ah, well too bad

Yellow man, pony tail
Won't you tell 'em who's that
It's the F-I

Boy from the West Side
Boy so blessed like which side is his best side
Getting more rides than a test drive
Girlies wanna know how high is the sex drive
Like they say, the sky's the limit

So until we get that high, I'm in it


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