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LIL CUETE : We Got Guns lyrics

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LIL CUETE lyrics : "We Got Guns"

My little homie's got way more kora than you,
And you could try to roll up,

We'll just do what we do.
And I ain't lying we got guns, we got ammo,
We got clips, we ain't trippin', we get sick for

That Norwalk Click

[Verse 1:]

They say they're coming for my life, but it don't
Mean %#@!. I'm 'bout to show these levas the
Real meaning of sick. I keep my pistol loaded, like

24/7, I got so much artillery, they call me Armageddon.
I'm living like a soldier, one that's suicidal, leave 'em
D.O.A ese, Dead On Arrival. Never feel remorse 'cause

That's the way I was tought, I'll take away your life
And with only one shot! Go and hit it, roll up you
Should know where to come, but don't let the name

Fool you, I got big, big guns! Puttin' in work, but my
Familia's to blame, 'cuse all my familiy's Walkero, so I
Gotta gangbang. You know!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Don't make me pull the trigger back, while aiming
At you, I bet a hydro shock bullet puts an end to our

Feud. I got a thick vendetta for my fallen Walkeros.
Smokin' all these levas, like I'm smokin' the leno. When
You could ask anybody 'cause they know I'm legit, and

Lil Cuete talks about that serio %#@!. I could rotten
You in day or night like if it was nothing, I keep
A bullet in the chamber, pull the trigger start dumpin'.

And ese Cuete, he's somethin', that you couldn't be, I
Got plenty and many 'stilos, that you couldn't see. And
You could come and try to take it, but survival's a must

'cause me and my Walkeros know that you ain't $#&@in'
With us. What?

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]

I'm takin' a life, to be specific, it's yours. I got my soldiers
Strapped up and we're ready for war. We can go
Toe-to-toe or we could all get down. I'm talkin' 'bout matching

Guns and going round for round. I've been in crazier %#@!,
Than dealing with you. I've got a million other cholos trying
To get me too. It doesn't start with me, check my family

Line, I was brought up to be crazy and sick in the mind.
Ain't no question about it, I represent 'til I die. I got this
Music thing locked down, without even trying. I put that

On my life, I won't settle for less, man I'm a gangbang 'til
The day they put me to rest, so C'mon!

[Chorus x2]

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