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Lil Crazed : Santa Claus ft. Tommy C lyrics

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Lil Crazed lyrics : "Santa Claus ft. Tommy C"

wake up to the beautiful sun in my face
and my beautiful son in my face
asking "daddy, what's for breakfast today?

and after we finish it, can we go outside to play?"
so instead of waking up in the morning to kneel and pray,
that simple interaction let's me know i'm blessed today

similar to yesterday and everyday to come
cuz i'm dedicated and won't ever leave their side at all
i, never accomplished a degree in college,

never had an office, but baby i promise that,
i'll never be jobless, as long as i'm living,
my job description will consist of making sure you 3 are set,

baby elliot, alijah, isaac,
never had regrets in my life that i've lived
cuz anything that's ever even happened to me

has led me to the happiness of having you 3


i know there's a lot to know,
and i've still got a lot to grow,
so i may not have it all

but i'll always be your Santa Claus
i'ma be there for you,
whether the clouds are grey or blue,

i may not have it all,
but i'll always be your Santa Claus

~still young, driven with ambition,
committed to bringing an easy life for you to live in
shifted into father vision, buddy I'm here,

and as long as your father's living, you've got nothing to fear
sometimes it's hard cuz daddy's on the road,
and some our dialogues happen on the phone,

but trust me baby, I promise that daddy's coming home
with the money so we won't suffer from hunger or cold
no, that aint ever gonna happen,

baby i won't let it happen,
we gon' be alright
and i'ma give you everything you need in life,

see i started this company, now the world can see
that really my k.i.d's mean the world to me
and still i'm grinding hard, i may not have it all

but to my kids y'all, i'm their Santa Clause

~it's so amazing, waking up to faces i've created, yeah, they're my babies,

so amazing, raising up my babies to be, a little version of me
they say the, apples donn't fall too far from the tree,
i'm a father of 3 and they are all like me,

so follow my lead, i'ma take you afar,
and as you can see, God made you a star, son (sun)

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