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Lil Crazed : At All lyrics

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Lil Crazed lyrics : "At All"

I know they waiting for the day that I fail,
I know they waiting for the day that I fall,

But just stop waiting cuz that day won't reveal,
No that day won't be coming at all
At all, at all, no, that day won't be coming at all

At all, at all, no, that day won't be coming at all

~cuz I'm going, and I'm going,

I'm going straight to top and I know it because I,
Got a lotto drive in me like a full tank
No more shifting gears, I'ma ride the full way,

And if you're in my path, you can meet my road rage
On a one way street, steering won't rotate
August 08, K.I.D found,

Ball in our court, to the board, can't afford the chance to rebound
Cuz we only got one shot to make it, when I take it, uh uh, we bound,
I got records to make and now records to break,

So no rest I will take, till I rest at my wake,
So the rest of you haters can rest your debates,
Cuz I won't rest my case till I, I, I, I, I,

I'm dead and gone away,
But that day is still long away,
I warned them, said make ya way back,

And now I'm Warren, coming up a Sapp (ASAP)

~had a small taste of success this year,

With my friends and peers, from a desk and chair,
In the lab, in the pad, in the booth we call it,
My music grew then it grew my wallet

Hope for the moment the awards start showing,
Before any more of those doors even open,
Gotta keep the lines coming, overdosing

And my TRAIN of thoughts, LOCOmotive
Aiming for the "top" like Leonardo in "Inception" I'm,
Optimized in my Prime, never side with the Decepticons,

Cuz I will not be TRANSFORMED into a sell out,
From the day that I was born to the days that I perform for sell outs

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