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LIL BOOSIE AND WEBBIE lyrics : "Like a Bird"

(feat. Trill Ent)

[Lil' Boosie]

Ugh! We dropped again on you (*##$ $$#, ^!$$%z! [Laughing]
Every album like a bird!

If you buy Trill %#@!
Then you buy that real %#@!!
And the D.A. and the judge gone get it

If they don't free Pimp C, (*##$!
And when I drop %#@!, it's hot %#@!!
You know I ain lyin'

I only gave y'all half the %#@!, but I got more in my mind!
If you heard that green and yellow cd
You bout love a lil ^!$$%!

You a girl, in this thug world
You might wanna $#[email protected] a lil ^!$$%!

I don't really give a $#[email protected]
About the fortune and fame
I want the money

So my daughter wouldn't have to beg, no mane!
I'm in the studio, daily ^!$$%!
Wit my pen and my pad

Where I run rhymes about my life
And how I'm missin' my dad
Dedicated, to makin' these hundreds

I get paid for my shows
^!$$%z hate it, cause' my name
That's what takin' these hoes!

Thirty-six zones, on the $#[email protected] shelf at the stores
Ya better get before it goes! .....And

[Chorus: x4]
Every album like a bird....steady flippin!
Every album like a bird!

[Lil' Boosie]
My first album was bout a 7 (It was aight)

But I talk me some %#@!
About this world
About these girls

And how I dog, my (*##$!
My next album was bootleg
Ain even come to the stores

Cause a ^!$$% stole it
And they sold it for the price of some ?O?!
Six months later, they heard that ?For My Thugs?

The cd that have you ^!$$%z and (*##$es tearin da club up! Huh!

Ain nothing but raw rhymes

No flashy %#@!, just hard times!
^!$$% don't wanna hear bout ballin
If he ain' got a damn quarter!

Ya hear me talkin'
But to see that ghetto D, that's real %#@!!
Cause I'm feelin' the power

Cause I get 5 G's, to be on stage, for a half a hour!
%#@!, I heard... (Don't say no names) ... wanna holla!
I want 2 billion dollars

Not no million, you dick rider!

I got two 24,80's dawg

They filled up!
With %#@! that'll make you get kill
Or even kill us!

Then I drop....huh!
Then I drop again!
And I get sicker every time

I touch dat $#[email protected]' pen! ...And


Every album like a bird in a corner store
Keep it real boy

Trill got the good dope!
See grill, big bills, with a thick hoe
About an ounce of that good dolja
We gone big blow!

Wanna beef, mother$#[email protected]?!
Ain no problem with that!
I barely hit you in ya chest
Made it come out ya back!
And while you put yo look on hard

I be rippin them tracks
And by the time it hit the shelves
I'll be gettin' it back!
So many ^!$$%z playa hatin'
So I'm totin a gat

Pistol grippin', steady waiting on a ^!$$% to act!
That's how you livin' when you on
And ya got that crack
And wake up with a new bone
I can get left flat!

So $#[email protected] that, ride strapped
Give another ^!$$% what he deserve
And I'ma keep a bad (*##$
Cause I'm flippin' these birds!
Trill ^!$$%z bout to $#[email protected] it up

I know you nerv (nervous)
Because them ^!$$%z got dope in them birds!


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