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[Verse One]
Like a dope fiend need his dope I need my money in stacks
if it don't work out with these rhymes I'm gone turn to my gats

I need cash and plus I need it fast
that's why I got a skimask if I ever need to blast
since I found out about you we been hangin like the fellas

you the reason why I'm beefin wit them ^!$$%z who be jealous
we gone thug to the end that's cause you my $#[email protected] friend
jump me straight out the pen when they had me facin ten

its just like with ken so together we actin fools
you the one that got Lil' Boosie poppin off to Baton Rouge
as long we pay our do's we gone sit back and just laugh

whether checks, credit cards or cash look I need you bad
I need ya

like a weed head needs to smoke
like a dope fiend needs his dope

I need you
like a baby needs to cry
if you go I swear I'll die I need you

I need you
like a player needs to play
we laugh and go from day to day

I need you
I found out all about you
now I can't live without you

ohh no ohh nooooo

[Verse Two]

since I was small I been tryin to make some cheese
till I snatched a purse for 12 and went scored a couple p's
and now I keep my sacks in a dorito bag my rocks in my mouth

plus Im on g-street the hardest rollin block in the south
and now Im poppin it off and stackin green
got my first thousand dollars and I ain't even 17

and plus I keep that thang in my hand cause I don't care
go to school with a grand and pull it out them hoes stare
but tho without you I ain't %#@!

I hate to say it but it's the truth
on the slip these hoes $#[email protected] me just to get to you
we'll never have no problems %#@! as long you keep in touch

and I love livin this life that's why I need so much
that's why I need you so much


[Verse Three]

you the reason why I went at home kickin doors off
you the one who bought my clothes and put my golds in my mouth
but at times I gotta sit back and wonder why you sin

you the one that got my ^!$$% in the feds doin 10
we don't look at the bad calls we look at all the fun %#@!
hoes and fast cars and power to make you run %#@!

as long as you comin I can't complain that's the game
like a weed head need his weed man I need my $#[email protected] change
if I didn't I'll be lame probably still on the cornor

tryin to make two hundreds dollars off a ounce of [email protected][email protected]&&
but its times like this like when my problems getting deeper
you got to understand ^!$$%z robbing cause they need ya

they need ya


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