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LIL BOOSIE AND WEBBIE lyrics : "Fucked Up"

You Got Me $#[email protected] Up [x4]

[Verse 1: Webbie]

Now I Ain Just Tuning In And I New Ta Dis
So U Dont Wanna $#[email protected] Play Wit Ma Intelligence
You See Me Myself Im On Sum Gangsta %#@!

I Ain Dat #[email protected] (*##$ Dat U Be $#[email protected] Wit
N U Kno How Long It Take Fa Me Ta $#[email protected] A (*##$
N I Can Spend 25(Grand) Like It Ain %#@!

ill Treat A (*##$ Sweet N ill Keep Her Fed
But I Ain Da Type Ta Eat N I Ain Da Type Ta Beg
Now I Drank Like A Horse N I Smoke Plenty Blunts

But I Ain Da Type Ta Snort Or Poke Ma Arm Up
N Like Dem $#[email protected] Cities I Keep It Rippin On U #[email protected] (*##$es
Wanna Come Get Me Well Listen.

[CHORUS: x2]
If U Thank Ima Hoe

If U Thank Ima (*##$
A #[email protected] $$# ^!$$%
A $#[email protected] Duck Guess Wat.

You Got Me $#[email protected] Up. [x4]

[Verse 2: Webbie]
Now I Ain Dat ^!$$% U Was In Class Wit
N I Ain Nun Dem Lil Dudes Dat U Laughed Wit

N I AIn Nun Dem Lil Hoes U Be $#[email protected]
Not Dem Mutha$#[email protected] Bows U Be Bussin
Im Dat ^!$$% Wit Dem Golds Dat Be Thuggin

BankRolls I Be Hustlin Ima Fool
I Ain Da Type A ^!$$% U Gon Catch Wit Outta Tool
N I Ain Da Type A ^!$$% Dat Gon Run Cus Ima Keep It Cool

N U Don Know Wen Im Comin Jus Be Ready Wen I Do
Now Ima Mutha$#[email protected] Problem Child N U Kno I Can Be Heard
Cus Ima Crack Ya Wild N Fa U Gangsta Boys Im All In N Das Fo Sho

Thank Im Playin Damn U Need Sum Mo? %#@! U Got Me $#[email protected] Up.

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 3: Lil Boosie]
Now Check Dis Out I Ain Da Type ^!$$% Who Gon Fall Soft N Fall In Luv

N I Ain Gonna Eat No #[email protected] I Jus Wanna $#[email protected]
N I Ain Da NIgga Who Gon Run Wen Da Beef Come Round
Im Da NIgga Who Got Da Gun N Make Da Beef Go Down

U Prolly Heard I Was A #[email protected] From A #[email protected] ^!$$%
Cus I Done Cut A Lotta ^!$$%s N Dey #[email protected] ^!$$%s
U Thank Im (*##$-Made Den Dis Will Be Yo Last Year

Take Out Ma SwitchBlade N Cut Yo $$# From Ear Ta Ear
Take Off Yo Shirt N Ima Rush U Like A Rednose Pit
Get In Yo %#@! Like A Dick In Da Mouth Of A Trick

I Ain Da ^!$$% Who Gon Sweat Cus I $#[email protected] Wit Bad Guns
ill dress em up n tear dem all up cus i run dees streets
If U Dont Like Don Matta ill Buy Anotha Freak

U Thank Im #[email protected] U Gon See Youll Have Enough Of Me


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