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LIL BOOSIE AND WEBBIE lyrics : "Better Believe It"

[Young Jeezy speaking]
Yeah, first up shouts out to Louisiana ^!$$%s
Yeah, yo Boosie I was thinkin' I lost a lot of homeboys

A whole lot of money and I'm still here ^!$$%


You better believe it

[Young Jeezy speaking over hook]

I ain't never told on no ^!$$%
I ain't never turned straight on no ^!$$%
You know, I ain't never been in no ^!$$% case or his paperwork

None of that bull%#@! ^!$$%
You heard what I said
Yeah, better believe it ^!$$%

You better believe it, you better believe it, you better believe it

My money don't fold I'm gettin' this dough
You better believe it, you better believe it, you better believe it
Always stay true stick to the G code

You better believe it


I'ma stay on the grind get mine like a real OG (You better believe it)
I'ma still be me be the same ol' G (You better believe it)
I'ma rep my block every city, every town, everywhere I go (You better believe it)

That's if you didn't know (You better believe it)

[Lil' Boosie]

Ladies and gentlemen it's Boosie Boo
King of Louisina I been the truth
If you don't know betta ask somebody

I am the show and the after party
I'm stacking dough, ain't gotta sell crack no mo
Still on my grind, got a lot of kids at home

Gotta get it on, late night to the early morn'
Fifty grand in my pants like Ivy Smith
Give back to the hood like Nino Brown

Neck kind of freezy boy believe me
You can playa hate but take it easy
We done got the streets, me and Jeezy

Learned from the game how to stack the breezy
Got love from the hood so it's all good
We both gonna eat, me and Jeezy

Riding down the highway (Zoom zoom)
Forty-five on the side me (Boom boom)
Bad chick on side me (Ooh ohh)

She rollercoaster ride me (Whoa)
In the projects where ya find me
I got the hood behind me

My records selling out the stores now
My money don't fold now
You best believe it they feeling me

From Alaska to Tennessee
From the east to the west coast
I smoke on the best smoke

We pushing Lambos, Phantoms, and Bentley coupes now
People hollerin' out the windown, hey Boosie you got the juice now


[Young Jeezy]

Stack brick on top of brick, yeah laid my
foundation till I built my house
And it was mixtape after mixtapes and then the

next thing you know I was runnin' the South
Streets introduced me to
the trap, see that wasn't enough see I wanted the world

And that's about the time
my album dropped and the next thing you know I was pullin' the world
Who ya think ya is (*##$, one of the girls

See ya $$# in ya jeans makes me wonder girl
I'ma super ^!$$% need a cape for me
Real street ^!$$%s they relate to me

A big disappointment I would hate to be
In the wrong place at the wrong time
In the wrong line with the wrong man
Right car with the wrong thang
Can't tell me %#@! I'ma a grown man

Sixteen years old with a old thang
Same clothes for days, same spot for months
Two AKs and a box of blunts
If it's money you want
then it's money you get

Ya hang out with the boy then it's money you get
Ya ever believe that I'd ever believe d
That I'd ever achieve what I ever achieved


Stop this (*##$ let me tell the world something
From the bottom to the top
should of seen that %#@!
Me and my lil' thug gotta it from the mud
Every thang I spit I really mean that %#@!

It's crazy ain't it, hard to explain it
I done got famous, all I did was bring it
The Savage Life behind the mic, now everybody hollerin' about Trill Entertainment
Rest in peace Pimp C, I scream that %#@! every time I do shows
You put me on and I ain't forget so
for my ^!$$% I gotta $#[email protected] two hoes

Whatever ya'll mean I aint got cream
If ya see me in the hood don't think I can't leave
When I was nineteen I really had whole mill
These other lil' ^!$$%s just sellin' ya'll dreams
I ain't through yet, I done done at all
But I got a lot of stuff I ain't get to do yet
I $#[email protected] up, I ain't make it through school

Wanna see if my kids gonna make it through that
From Miami to L.A. back to Manhatten where the big cake
From Baton Rouge I done did it go ahead admit it I'ma the %#@! hey
And I don't care what a (*##$ say, I'ma be like this till I get gray
And I ain't puttin' no rims on it, when it's five hundred ya ride factory
The new album is on the way, when it's
the real deal ya know ya gotta wait

Bad Azz gonna act a dog $$# and ya'll already know this



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