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LIGHT THIS CITY lyrics : "The hunt"

A transparent heart can't hide its blackest wish.
Even blood, pounding deceit, only makes your motives

Your scheme to conceal the desire may be wise,
But I can still see lust hidden in your famished eyes.

Now that you've shed your skin, you suppose it's time to
Well, I won't be your submissive prey; I've tamed my

share of beasts.
Now that you've shed your skin, don't $$#ume its time to

Love is often gilded with a glaze of deceitful bliss to
hide the darkness underneath.
It's not what it seems. It's not what it appears to be.

Suspicion is the blood that lingers on the meat.
The more you devour, the more you crave the taste of the
life you profess to care for.

You will remain a slave to your own satisfaction until
you drain the starvation
From your eyes and see that I, too, know how to kill. I

will $#[email protected] kill.

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Thanks to alexandrap