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Lying here inside a song it seems inside every song I've ever read

Written not by a bloodthirsty man but a shock-hungry trend;
Rags of flesh discarded on the ground

Eyes and ears hastily carved from heads while a frustrated surgeon searched
Something he feared he'd never find.

The flies have long since settled on their feast
Breeding maggots in the eyesockets of the deceased;
The walls and floor undulate under tiny beasts.

Amidst the chaos and all the unclean a body lay cold yet cared for
Stitched up yet pristine.
A bedside jar held entrails waiting to be fit inside her empty shell.

She rested queenlike in this fragrant Hell

Her arms smooth and white sewn to hands missing fingers.

My gaze trembled up her delicate neck
And I noticed her mouth was opened wide.
Her pale hair flowed down to the floor brushed and clean

And next to several organs in glass floated two large blue eyes.

Footsteps trampled down stairs; he was dragging another lucky bride.

I balled my fists flexed my legs and cursed my restraints
A bad taste left in my mouth from biting through tape.

Trying to build the perfect woman I see.
How very creative... a love you can customize.

How many donors did you volunteer--now flayed displayed
And forgotten in dark corners if not for the stench they emanate?
Am I joining the ranks?

What part of my body will you attach to hers?

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