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LIGHT THIS CITY : Remains Of The Gods lyrics

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LIGHT THIS CITY lyrics : "Remains Of The Gods"

If you still don't believe that I can restore myself under
your crown,
then watch me as I decapitate this serpent head of vanity.

I used to be wary of you, now I'll make your skin crawl at
the thought of me. You once thought me a fool,
but titles change so easily.

As you'll see now, who's the fool and who is king?
Who's dying, and who's triumphing? You'll learn
your lesson from a monster once defied by none. And now I'm

finally able to say you all share this common trait: Her heart
was cold long before her eyes made her stone. You'll see;
they'll tell this story for ages to come' She

didn't see me hovering above her like the halo she
abandoned. Likewise I never laid eyes on the scales of her skin.
My dexterity terrified her; I charmed the blood right out of her

neck, and while her body collapsed to the floor, I grabbed a
hold of her head. Held it up, dripping, to its own reflection.
And forced her to behold her internal demon. My battle cry will

always echo in her death rattle' As I left, you seemed so
certain that I would falter, but you mistook my confidence for
pride. I never boast of bloodshed unless I have the heads to

prove my slaughter. And with her once writhing skull in my grasp
at long last, and with her wretched, glaring visage burned into
my shield, and with the knowledge that I'm stronger than

you'll ever be, it's time to regain my
throne'I'll cut a crown of serpents from her hair to
replace the one you used to wear.

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