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LETOYA LUCKETT lyrics : "What Love Can Do"

[Verse 1:]
I'm losing sleep over you. Look what you've done to me. Not saying you ain't the truth this loves no fantasy. Sometimes
I'm so sick of you I need some therapy. Just like an addict on you making no recovery.

So should I stay, should I go. Do i do, do I don't. Will I will, will I won't. Do like my momma told me.

That's what love can do mow I know. Everything just ain't good for you. Said I'm feeling like a fool. It can be so

confused oh baby. Maybe that's just what love can do. What love can do.

[Verse 2:]

See you sweep me off my feet. Then bring me down to my knees. And then occasionally I'm like somewhere in between.
Everytime we get it right we go wrong ( we go wrong). And tell me why does every fight torn me on (on)

So should I stay, should I go. Do I do, do I don't. Will I will, will I won't Do Like My momma told me


[Verse 3:]

Everytime we fuss and fight. I'm headed for the door. And I know inside that this %#@! ain't. But it makes me want you
more. My friends tell me that I should bounce. Maybe I should just up and leave. But they can't say cause they don't know.
Just what you do to me (you do to me).

[Chorus x2]

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