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LETOYA LUCKETT lyrics : "Take Away Love"

L -yo e
E-whats up
L -man i am sick of explaining myself

E -explaining what what`s going on
L -he`s just not getting the point i don`t want a relationship
E-i mean u told him u told 7 times u move countries u was like f this do like what`s going on

L-i`m still trying get ova my ex and he don`t understand that
E-so what u gonna do
L-%#@! i done tried everything i done left i done every i possible can and he`s still not getting the point

U know there`s only one thing left right
E-take ur away love

L-guess that what imam have to do
E-cause he`s never gonna learn unless u do that right
Letoya ---aiight

Listen whenever you`re so close it brings back those memories the way it shoulda been simplest time in my life but u weren`t meant for me tears come rapidly
Land although u tell me u love i can`t imagine u as part of my day the way my life keeps on changing u need attention i can`t do it ur way i gotta go

If i take away love

If i take away love
If i get up leave
Would that be enough

We said we`d let it go take some time to get over us but that jus aint enough no
Still wanna come around hoping i can make some time

Messing with my mind

You want this love i cant give ya

No between the sheets boy
I made this bed
Try as u may i ain`t trippin sex is over i`d rather sleep instead boy i gota go

Nar it ain`t enough listen

U got me up all night up all day
Tryna figure out what i gotta to say
I can tell u this the hard or the easy way

Tryna tell u that i don`t really want babe
I don`t need the stress or need the drama
U cud save the bull%#@! for ur mum

I now it hard to deal but listen it`s the truth
What u rather dis or me straight lying to u
See now we gotta work on ur acceptance dear

Listen u shud just accept dis here
I move on
Took away love i took away you now i took away us yo


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