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Leon Russell lyrics : "The Ballad Of Mad Dogs And Englishmen"

Kids, planes, runway strikes
Flashy pimps and family fights
Spotted dogs, blood-shot eyes

Our space captain laughs and tries
To understand the scheme of things
But just in time the scene has changed

The bus is here, bring the beer
Sherman's reading Shakespeare
Movie makers, boobie shakers

And Saxy airplane ticket takers
Union members
Leo Fender's pride and joy

Electric toy
Teachers, learners
Incense burners

Religious leaders and chronic bleeders
Thieves and pirates on a ride
It's a hippie commune bonafied

But Okies and Limeys, curtain climbers
Stones and future Dominoes
Know which way the wind blows

Stolen cola no one knows
The shadow do
But it's still a shady crew

'Cause I love her, and she loves you
Just myself and forty friends
In the name of @@#!er power

Out here on the road again
With Mad Dogs and Englishmen

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