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LEMAR : What If? lyrics

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LEMAR lyrics : "What If?"

Yeah oh baby
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah baby


Yeah Woah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Woah)
Yeah ooh Baby

Everyday was the same old thing
Waking up out of bed

Put my shoes on,
Off to work
Just tryna get ahead

Jumped into my ride
To avoid the lights
Girl I took a different way

Corner of white hart lane
You were passing by
That's when I saw your face



What if I never got your name?
Where wud I be right now
What if I wud have changed my place

I wud have been missing out


On all we've been through
Oh, oh
What if I never met you?

Don't know wot I do
Oh, oh
What if I never met you?

Got so much to lose
Oh, oh
What if I never met you?

Baby I cant help thinking it
What if

Now looking back
I'm wondering
What if my alarm didn't ring?

It wud be another girl
Riding next to me
For true love I'd still be searching

Scary to think
Just a second late
We wud have never met

The time it was right
Fate was on our side
I'm so glad the lights were red

[Pre chorus]


It's amazing

How it all happened
Feels like every move I made
Caused that chain reaction

Who wud have thought
Crusin down that avenue
Wud change my life forever

Lead me right next to you

[Pre chorus]

[Chorus x2]

What if I never made
Oh, oh, oh, oh

What if I never
What if we never
What if

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