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Leeland : Chains Hit The Ground lyrics

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Leeland lyrics : "Chains Hit The Ground"

I'm holding on to You
It's all I know to do
When fear has had me bound

When enemies surround
There's freedom in this truth
My salvation is in You

And I remember the nails that You took for me
When You died in my shame and iniquity

Jesus, You have set me free
The thorns of my pain You wore in a crown
When You bowed Your head

Your love was poured out
And my chains hit the ground

You are the Rock I've found
Above the shifting ground
Amid a raging war

You're the One I'm fighting for
For all of my years
My banner will be clear

I am Yours
And even though the waves, they crash below

I'm holding onto love
I'm holding onto love
I am Yours

Forever all my days, I lay before Your holy love
I'm holding onto love

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