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LEE ANN WOMACK lyrics : "Montgomery To Memphis"

I've got a two room flat with a view of the bridge
That crosses over into Arkansas
It's pretty to see all lit up at night

Tips are good, waitin' tables at a downtown restaurant
You sound a little surprised that I might be
Doing all right

Yeah, this is a big town, and I still
Get lost sometimes
A lot has changed since Montgomery and when

You said goodbye

Looking back at when I was I can see how

Far I've come
From a nobody with a broken heart to feeling
Like someone

Now you say you want me back boy let me
Tell you this
It's a million miles from Montgomery

To Memphis

There's nobody special, I'm not in love

Hasn't been anyone since you
Now isn't that what you wanted to hear me say
No, I've got no plans to be back in Montgomery

Anytime soon
Sure, we'll get together if you're headed up this way
You can probably make it in half a day or so

But you can't just walk back in again, got a long,
Long way to go

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