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LEDISI : Lost And Found lyrics

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LEDISI lyrics : "Lost And Found"

Always alone
Someone come for me

Here on my own
Feels like the pain last an eternity
Tears come no more

I wanna smile again, Love again
Please someone find me?..
Souls pass me bye

Why can't they see me here?
Touch me one time
Just like magic I will re-appear

Sadness like the rain it showers over me,
I wanna feel again
Please someone find me



VERSE2: lost not ye found
Breathing in misery
Hope looks around

When will the sun ever shine on me?
I need love to come and carry me
Take me away...please someone find me

O youve saved my soul
Maybe ill scream and shout
Please someone come

I don't wanna live without love
Hear my plead I have love to give
I wanna live

Please someone find me??

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