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LEDISI : Joy lyrics

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LEDISI lyrics : "Joy"

(Joy... Joy... la da da da... Joy... la da da da)

Can I be the one to bring you joy?
Let me the one to bring you joy.

Can we do this?
Make love by moonlight.
Let me hold you,

Give you what you need.

There ain't nothing I wouldn't do

To please you
My heart is open
Don't be afraid, come to me.

Let me bring you joy.

Can I be the one to bring you joy?
So much better if you let me love you.
(I want to give you love)

Let me be the one to bring you joy

Ain't nobody gonna love you like I do.

You won't believe all this love I have to give to you.

Can't explain it.
Baby you'll never have to worry about a thing

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