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LECRAE lyrics : "More"

More! More! More! More!
More! More! More! More!

Your goodness, your mercy (more!)

I'm hungry, I'm thirsty (more!)
Your love and your grace (more!)
I just need a taste (more!)

Your peace and your passion (more!)
Your joy and compassion (more!)
You got it I need it (more!)

I just gotta have it


The throne of my heart, occupy it, reign supreme
Kill my lust and pride and all my other things ugly things
Wage a holy war inside me til your overcome

Let your kingdom come and Let your will be done
I was worthless, I was dead, foul nasty dirty
I had no eyes to see or ears to hear that you are worthy

But your Spirit hit me, it gave me new direction
I see the deeper things, I called it depth perception
Now your presence is my treasure, never ending peace

And they can't keep me from your love cause it'll never cease (naw!)
So I pray you keep me, cause I can't keep myself (mo!)
Protect me from my sin. I know I'm bad for my health

And I'm dieing to know you. Wake me up and let me read
Treat your words so if they cut me this is what I bleed
Give me a double feature, give me a triple portion

I'm coming back for seconds, thirds, fourth, more, more, more!


[Chorus Two]
Yeah I need more (more!)

Yeah I need more (more!)
Yeah I need more (more!)
Lord give me more (More!)

Yeah I need more (more!)
Yeah I need more (more!)
Yeah I need more (more!)

Lord give me more


If I don't know it, teach me please though I'm undeserving
Don't let me loose sight of my Savior, cause my Savior's worthy (Jesus!)
Apart from him I'm zip, zero, ziltch, nada, nothing

No point in acting like I'm somebody to prove somethin
Open my understanding when I read the Scriptures
It's still your word inside a darkened wretched lowly sinner

Make me acquainted with your covenants and perfect plans
Humble me by showing me the world's in your hands
Lead me in the truth (truth!) Wisdom, revelation

Apply your blood to my dirty soul for salvation
And help me believe, Lord lead me to faith
Just teach me your ways, I'm in need of your grace

Purify my heart, fill me with your Spirit
Occupy me with your presence, keep your servant near
Give me faith to behold, write your name on my soul

Make me whole for your glory, and your name to be known (more more more)

[Chorus] + [Chorus Two]

A sinner

I understand my state
I know my sins are numberless
Iniquities are great

But you are adequate
I mean you adequate
To clean me from my nonsense

From it I repent
I'm never satisfied
More... More I gotta grow

Adding to my faith virtue
Knowledge of self-control
You all I need to know
The only one I crave
If I can't have you everyday, then take me to my grave

Help me to pray in faith
Lean in upon your will
Strengthen me with conviction
Show me the sins that kill
Nothing exceeds your power

Nothing too great a task
Never too much to hope for
Nothing too small to ask
Wisdom is unsurpassed
Begging to see your face

Itching to see your glory
Burning for your grace
All I know is I want it
People don't understand
They never tasted anything

Great is the great I AM
I gotta have (More!)

[Chorus] + [Chorus Two]

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