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LECRAE lyrics : "God Is Enough"

Verse 1 (Flame)
We so impressed/
With them ladies/

Who be drivin' Mercedes/
Who be drivin' them crazy/
And we got to be crazy/

We so impressed/
With them fellas/
Who be makin' them jealous/

Who be makin' them stellas/
And we got to be crazy/
I'm so impressed/

On the throne/
Who left His heavenly Home/
Never did anything wrong/

They crucified Him on/
On a tree, there He made/
It was crazy how it set the stage/

For His resurrection from the grave, that gets me amazed/
You can be the fliest man/
With a hundred-grand in your hand/

Swag right, sag tight/
And a gucci fan/
You can be the richest, be the smartest, be the hardest, all of that/

But I guarantee before i die they all are fallin' flat/


Used to want a lot of things/
All the stuff thats on TV/
Education, cars and clothes/

Fashion lights, and jewelery/
(Focused on the wrong stuff)Now I got my eyes on You and now i know that/

God is enough
(3x) You are enough
Never too much

More than enough
God is enough
You are enough for me/

Verse 2
Party, like the fast-life/

Partly, it's the last flight/
Chasin' all your dreams, this right here where it's your last night/
And then you finally got your cash right/

But it never seems to last, right?/
You know you sick of lookin, sick of chasin'/
I think you know the Truth, you just don't want to face it/

Your life is empty, tho' you havin' fun/
You never satisfied, you never get enough/
You go from thrill seekin', to pill-poppin'/

From heavy drinkin', to club-hoppin'/
You just can't stop it, like you're a slave/
And you chasin' nothin' all the way down into the grave/


Verse 3
Lord is my Sheppard, I shall not want/
Takes away my fears, You restores my soul/

Off into the sky, To dead and Christ arise/
To be with You forever, see with the clearest eyes/
Push my inner thirst to somethin' more in life/

No money, cars, relationships compare to joy in Christ/
Love to work that selfish ways, that like to flirt will self destruct/
No need to stut, know what I want, know how to get it, but my God's enough!/

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