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LAURYN HILL lyrics : "War In The Mind"

Everybody knows that they're guilty
Everybody knows that they've lied
Everybody knows that they're guilty

Resting on their conscience eating their inside
It's freedom, i said it's freedom time now
It's freedom, said it's freedom time now

Time to get free, or give your selves up now
It's freedom, said it's free time yo
There's a war in the mind over territory, for the dominium

Who will dominate the opinions?
Schisms and isms, keeping us in forms of religion
Conforming our vision to the world church of decision

Trapped in a section, submitted to committing election
Moral affection, epidemic lies and deception
Insurrection, of the highest possible order

Distorting our tape recorders from hearin' it like underwater
Beyond the borders, find the sin in disorder
Bound by the strategy of a systemic depravity

Heavy as gravity, head first in the cavity without a bottom
A fate, worst then sodom,
What's gotem drunk of the spirit?

Truth comes we can't hear it when you've been programmed to fear it
I had a vision i was falling in indecision
Appalling, calling religious a program on television

How can... dominate wisdom
Be recognized in the system
Of antichrists'? the majority rules

Intelligent fools
P.h.d.'s in illusion, masters of mass confusion
Bachelors of past illusion

Now who u choosing?
The head or the tail?
The bloodshed of the male or confidence in the veil?

Conferences at yale discussing doctrines of baal
Causing peoples to fail keeping a third in jail
His words nailed everything to the tree

Severing all of me from all that i use to be
Formless and void, totally paranoid
Enjoyed darkness's, lord keeping me from the sword

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