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LAURYN HILL lyrics : "Freedom Time"

[Singing Chorus]
Everybody knows that they're guilty
Everybody knows that they've lied

Everybody knows that they're guilty
Resting on their conscience eating their inside
It's freedom, said it's freedom time now

It's freedom, said it's freedom time now
Time to get free, oh give us (?)
It's freedom, said it's freedom time

[First and only verse]
Yo, there's a war in the mind, over territory

For the dominion
Who will dominate the opinion
Skisms and isms, keepin' us in forms of religion

Conformin' our vision
To the world churches decision
Trapped in a section

Submitted to commiting election
Moral infection
Epedemic lies and deception

Of the highest possible order
Destortin' our tape recorders

From hearin' like under water
Beyond the borders
Fond of sin and disorder

Bound by the strategy
It's systematic deprivaty
Heavy as gravity

Head first in the cavity
Without a bottom
A faith, worse than Saddam

Once got him
Drunk of the spirits
Truth comes, we can't hear it

When you've been, programmed to fear it
I had a vision
I was fallin' in indescision

Apollin', callin' religion
Some program on television
How can, dime and the wisdom

Be recognized in the system
Of Anti-Christ, the majority rules
Intelligent fools

PhD's in illusion
Masters of massconfusion
Bacholors in past illusion

Now who you choosin'
The head, the tail
The bloodshed of male

More confidence in the tale
Conference is in Yale
Discussin' doctrines of Baal

Causin' people to fail
Keepin' the third in jail
His word is nale

Everything to the tree
Severing all of me from all that I used to be
Formless and void

Totally paranoid
Enjoy darkness as the Lord
Keepin' me from the sword

Block for mercy
Bitter than (?)
Hungry and thirsty

For good meat we would eat
And still, dined at the table of deceit
How incomplete

From confrontation to retreat
We prolong the true enemies defeat
Death to the ascendancy

Causin' desperation to get the best of me
Punishment 'til there was nothing left of me
Realizin' the unescapable death of me

No options in the valley of decision
The only doctrine, supernatural circumcision
Inwardly, only war that can purge the heart
From words that fiery darts
Thrown by the workers of the arts

Iniquity, shapen in
There'e no escapin' when
You're whole philosophy is paper thin
In vanity
The wide road is insanity

Could it be all of humanity
Picture that
Scripture that
The origin of a man's heart is black
How can we show up for

An invisible war
Preoccupied with a shadow, makin' love with a [email protected]^%
Achin' in sores
Babylon, the great mystery
Mother of human history

System of social sorcery
Our present condition
Needs serious recognition
Where there's no repentance there can be no remission
And that sentence, more serious than Vietnam
The atom bomb is Saddam and Minister Farakkhan

What's goin' on, what's the priority to you
What authority do we do
When the majority hasn't a clue
We majored in curses
Search the chapters, check the verses
Recapture the land
Remove the mark from off of our hands

So we can stand
In agreement with his command
Everything else is damned
Let them what is understand
Everything else is damned, let them what ears understand

[Singing Chorus]

It's freedom, said it's freedom time now
It's freedom, said it's freedom time now
It's freedom, I'ma be who I am
It's freedom time, said it's freedom time
Everybody knows that they've lied
Everybody knows that they've perpetrated inside
Everybody knows that they're guilty, yes

Resting on their conscience eating their insides
Get free, be who you're suppost to be
Freedom, said it's freedom time now
Freedom, said it's freedom time
Freedom, freedom time now

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