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LAURYN HILL lyrics : "all my time"

f/ Paid Alive

*Lauryn Singing*

You can't run away...gonna find you

and take it slowly

You can't run away...gonna find you

and make you want me


All my time it could be spent with you

So what you gonna do?

Make sure your game is true

See all my time it could be spent with you

So what you gonna do?

Make sure your game is true


Well could it be that through these Cartiers I swear

their stares a specimen smooth as Sidney Poitier

Clean cut & dapper seems he's straight & narrow

Tingle in the bone marrow ???

but I ain't that aggressive instead I act suggestive

bat my eyelashes make smooth & subtle passes

timed perfectly with the classic under my dark glasses

*sung overlapping*

amountin' all the words to do magic

with all due respect he approached it

and offered the roach clip as I respectfully declined to smoke it


Broken the ice his demeanor was nice

he tried to freak it to my mental

Yo his talk was slick my resume is kinda thick

and show me why ?Paid alive? ain't ya average click

Recognize Paid Alive about to lock this %#@!


Yeah yeah I know you got a car

but we should keep it in the lot

I got a urge to ride the train

let's do some walkin' in the rain

it sounds insane but meditative for the brain

plus I'd like to get to see if you as crazy as you claim.

?? like Iceberg Slim in Donald Gowens

uncut it's all raw dog hit me off

Paid Alive baby girl on sand this connection

be hit through your burrow territorial section

True I come correct in all mine & denim

truck trues top kid really wear linens

No question I'll show you affection

as I proceed to lead ya direction


Well these procedures that you agreed to

I'm gonna need to know a little more

about ya self & family

well who's paid and who's live?

Where you live what you drive?

Ever did a homicide?

let our molecules collide

In time we'll tell if you can indoor with L

if you tryin to knock it down then I'm not that type of girl

my mind's a pearl and I done been around the world

but if you righteous I might just let you spend the night and...


*sung parts*

*See all my tiiiime*...OK that's right what?

Nah ain't nobody about wastin' my time

Like *ye yeah ye yeah ye yeah ye yeah ye yeah ye yeah*

Show me why Paid Alive ain't ya average click

*See all my time...*

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