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LAURA BELL BUNDY : Boyfriend? lyrics

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LAURA BELL BUNDY lyrics : "Boyfriend?"

Can I call you my boyfriend yet?
That make you nervous, that make you sweat?
Swore we would'nt commit

But baby we're a perfect fit
People look at me confused when I lovingly
Refer to you as my

Man toy, lover boy, sweetheart that brings me joy

Better half, sweetie pie
Yes, I'm still seein' that same guy
No labels, no fuss, livin' in the now for us

Or can I call you my boyfriend?
(Man toy, lover boy, come over here and bring me joy)
(Man toy, lover boy)

What's a big boy like you afraid?
I'm not lookin' to change my name

I don't need a diamond ring
Just an easier way to explain this thing
I don't wanna scare you away but baby give me somethting better to say

Than my

Repeat Chorus

My daddy asked my momma, my momma asked my friends
My friends all wanna date me when this comes to an end

Don't get me started, got the keys to your apartment
I'm just sick and tired of havin' to pretend
That you're my

Repeat Chorus Twice

Man toy, lover boy, come over here and bring me joy
Better half, sweetie pie
Lovin' on the fly guy

Ain't just a bootie call, I'm on the way
My pictures on the wall and I'm here to stay

Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba boyfriend(x4)

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