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LARA FABIAN lyrics : "Givin' Up"

Silence and quiet
Again in my life
Far from these moments

I wish I was
Passion and truth
We were about

Before these shadows
Stole the beat of our hearts

After all we have been through
I can only look at you

Through the eyes you lied to
I'm givin' up, givin' up
I'm givin' up on you

After all if there is no way out
If you cannot stand beside me
If there isn't love

There is only pride
I'm givin' up, I'm givin' up this fight

Undo this leash
You say I tied
When only our fears are to

Blame this time
And what am I to you
Just spit it out

I'm not afraid of the words that you hide


Where do we go
Where did it all crash

When did it start to fall apart
Silence and quiet
Passion, the truth

Shadows, only shadows


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