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Lamb Of God : Digital Sands lyrics

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Lamb Of God lyrics : "Digital Sands"

A thousand Romes are set aflame
A thousand Neros sing their own refrains
Narcissus improved & enhanced

He gloats while backing in his arrogance
Conceit & pride are going viral
A globe that's reached it's critical mass

A pixilated downward spiral
Fixated on the looking glass.

An endless temple, a shrine to your vanity
To worship yourself in the cult of me (in the cult of me)

Just squeaking wheels in a $#&@ machine
High resolution lies fill the screen
The lowest common dominator

Propaganda pitched by petty dicatators.


So what's the measure of a man
Lost in shifting digital sands?
And what's the standard supposed to be

When nothing is as it seems?
You've trapped yourself inside this temple
Enraptured by your vanity

A sacrifice to your own image
A prisoner of the cult of me.

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