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LADY SAW lyrics : "Man Is The Least"

A wonda weh some gal a study roun here?
Si dem a argue ova man weh dem a share.
Sit dung an a worry bout weh nex gal a wear

An nuh si seh dem need fi do dem hair.
Di kind a life mi si dem living roun here.

Some time mi sorry fi di stress weh dem a bear.
But hot gal from yuh conscience clear
Sing dah one yah loud mek mi hear.

Man a di least a mi problem
So mi lef eediat fi hav dem

Mi too cute fi in a mix up an blend, blend
So tel a gal shi fi go wid har argument
Mi stress free cah mi nuh in a excitement

Dem gi weh free but nuh man nuh deh beside dem
Some gal a hype an mi hear seh man a hide dem,
nah nuh pride gal dem,

nuh hot man nuh ride dem cho!

Mi too rich fi argue wid (*##$

Mi too nice fi in a @@#!fight
Mi too hot an a dat gal nuh like
dem a everybody sinting mi a wife!

When mi go shopping mi nuh look pon di price
Weh gal a struggle fah fi get mi get it in a one night
Ova book right now and mi hadly a voice

Come off a mi name gal mi nice!

Man a di least. Man a di least mi drive dem like jeep.

Park dem up til mi ready now isnt dat neat?
Man a weep tru wi hav dem weak.
Its my way or no way afta mi a nuh eediat lily

Mi hav houses and cars and cuban cigars
Mi get date wid lawyers and big movie stars
Mi gynaecologist seh him want mi an him spar

Mi seh easy now don u ah tek it too far!

Mi worry bout di coming of God

Not di coming of man
Worry how fi mek mi self one a di chosen ones
Mi nuh worry bout gal weh a look mi husband

Who mi worry ova man? No yuh wrong.
Excess baggage mi nuh carry
So tell a gal bout mi seh shi nuh haffi worry

If a mi fi tek har man fi har name go mention
Dat deh day deh nah go come gal mi sorry!

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