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LADY SAW lyrics : "Hot Man A Road"

Now true, yu see mi lay dung here with yu
Mi sey my mind is on mi hot man outta town

A boy caan tek mi fuh no clown
Mi sey, yu tink mi love with yu
mi dida wine yu out just fi get yu english pound

No bwoy caan push mi around

[Verse 1:]

Mi sey, yo, mi dun call mi man an tell him fi stand by
Mi comin' fast pon a one-way flight
all yu a kick up an ah gwaan llike yu hype

mi dun have missa right
Mi sey, mi dun get di meds sey yu a wine with joyce
but mi hot gal mi nah have no need fi fight

easy mow baby, everything nice
ah mi ah wine Wesly Snipe
Yu can turn with your gal caw mi dun have mi plan

ah next week mi aggo pon vacation
inna two-piece bath suit go model with mi man
inna Grand Cayman


[Verse 2:]
Mi sey, when yu not dere a yard an yu gone out a road
gone model with your gal dem, god he knows

dis ah gal no have no time fi rebel
cause mi have mi man from when
ah thru, mi inna house, furniture

mi just dial mi man number
an tell him, him fi come over
yu shoulda see mi all pon di soft shoulder

A wha mi sey, him nah stop love mi dung
mi nuh stop get request
one ting mi nah tek, dat a hicki pon neck

just because mi nah waan disrespect
but mi nah care if yu vex
him nah stop pick mi up inna 97 Porche

bring mi home an gimme bubble bath
sweet mi so much mi never have time fi talk
an mi have di last laugh


[Verse 3:]
Wha mi sey, di other day mi tek your money an rent a cris car
Guess what? Now mi an mi hot man go park

We drink champagne an bus caviar
mek love under di star
Mi sey, a just di other day him ah fling mi inna air

tear off mi skirt an fling way brassire
mi nah stop reminiscience pon di time whey we share
mow, back to mi career

A poodle mi get fi mi birthday present
him nah stop big mi up with dollars an strength
buy mi big house an ten apartment

mi ah gal no pay rent


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