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LADY SAW lyrics : "Healing"

(feat. Beenie Man)


Beenie Man & Lady Saw
[Lady Saw:]
This is classic one (ooh, yah).

The doctor and Lady Saw in a combination.

[Beenie Man:]

Oh Lady Saw yuh raw, yuh raw yuh raw, yuh raw, yuh raw.


[Lady Saw:]
Mi man (cho) nuff gal a ask me what yuh dealing
Mi tell them a you have the healing

A can't forget how yuh make mi stretch to the ceiling
Oh Beenie Man it is impossible I can't stop wucking with you
Mi man can't you feel it too, yuh wuck me like a stallion

[Beenie Man:]
Lady Saw (wah) don't you worry yuh self cause mi nah chaw

Yuh know man a bad man man a outlaw
You are the girl who brought the joy in my world
Oh Saw this is possible, a would a wuck yuh even if yuh cripple

Could a blind yuh could a deaf or could a handicap too
Ah love the woman whey inside a you (but true)

[Lady Saw:]
A true yuh hot a mi round, mi mek yuh select mi sound
Nuff man out a road waan tek wheh yuh crown

Mi love how yuh ride and move yuh waist line
Gi mi the bubble and draw the chalk line


[Beenie Man:]

True I'm the doctor, I'm nuh actor n the business this is the factor
Yuh little and yuh cute yuh want a man why don't yuh come yah
Yuh want a man to wuck yuh right someone to love yuh proper

If a the work to mek yuh splirt then I will pop off yuh skirt
Yes mi nah go run leave mi shirt


[Beenie Man:]

But Lady Saw don't you worry yuhself caw mi naw chaw
Because man a bad man, man a outlaw
And don't yuh know say bad man a nuh old squaw

You are the girl who brought the joy in my world
Ooh saw this is possible a would a wuck yuh even if yuh cripple
Yuh could a blind yuh could a deaf or full handicap too

A love the woman wah inside a you

[Lady Saw:]

Beenie Man with yuh nine millimeter yuh wid get any gal
Nuff waan fi war but mi know mi official
Mi nah watch nuh face

Mi a wife material
The rest a them a just scandal
When yuh gi mi wa yuh have say mi nah blow yuh job

Yuh a outlaw and me a hot gal
Want it real raw
Beenie Man yuh nah stall

Give mi the loving make mi ball


[Beenie Man:]
Lady Saw yuh knee knock, but yuh fat

Mi love the dimple whey yuh got
All mi temperature rise and in a the bath a whey we drop
Yuh a soap up all mi chest and all a rub down all mi back

That's why mi waan yuh tell mi the fact

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