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Labi Siffre lyrics : "When Lights Are On"

Making love, this is easy
Making love, is another game believe me
Only a fool can deny

When we touch, night's the right time
Though not much,
Like it might be pleasure

For the sake of pleasure

So heart to heart we compensate

We're plastic trimmed with lace
Something's wrong with daylights song
We're failing face to face

You don't hear me when I call

There's no love if taking love
If all the prize we share is gone
We hardly love at all when lights are on

Selling short, big decision
When it's our lives we're giving

Less than fifty percent
It's too late to relent
Breakfast times, we don't manage

Eye to eye did we damage
Perfect feeling so much
Hand in glove's out to lunch!

So tell me who you're thinking of
I'll tell you who's with me

Aren't you tired of using love
To fuel our fantasies?


Reflex and no surprises

Sad sex, the consolation prize
Isn't quite enough
If romance, you're dreaming of


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