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Labi Siffre lyrics : "Most People Sleep Alone"

We'll always be together
Our love will last forever
Meaning every word

Now it seems absurd
Those human complications
Destroyed our love relations

One in 3 it's said
And that's just those who've wed
I read the Sunday papers

The heat, the love, the lust
They say we're always at it
But that's not us, most

Most people sleep alone

No matter what the papers say
Loneliness is here to stay

And the baby cries

Some say we're too permissive

The orgy gets remistive
It happened somewhere else
We were on the shelf

Victorian adherence
They stick it for appearance
Duty not love it's dead

A graveyard of their dead
They say we live for pleasure
It's kind of hard to tell

If this is self indulgence
It hurts like hell, most


Sad is easy

But we've been shattered
Separate sorrows
In separate rooms

Understanding to the marrow
Understood the love we lost
Now we're fading into shadows

The world is full of strangers
In this heartbreak hotel
If this is self-indulgence

It hurts like hell, most




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Thanks to alexandra_feaa