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Labi Siffre lyrics : "I Will Always Love You"

I'm walking in your fire
And diving in your sea
Burning with desire

You're the honey to the bee

Whenever you're in trouble

Whenever you're in doubt
You don't have to worry
No, you don't even have to shout

The world is full of strangers searching for a friend
The world is full of sadness

And we must learn to smile
'Cos sadness never ends

Iiiiii, I will always love you
Darling can't you tell

I will be your champion
Through heaven and through hell
Good fortune may desert you

People can be unkind
The world may turn and hurt you
And Iiiii, I will always love you.

We may be seperated
We'll never be apart

We'll be dedicated
I'm gonna love you with every beat of my heart
Giving it all is the secret of life

Taking no chances when I'm with you tonight.
Thinking the hands of time won't stop
And my devotion won't even remove

You got it, you got it yeaah


I will always love you
Nothing's gonna stop us,

Nothing's gonna keep us apart
You'll be my lover
And I'll keep you here in my heart

No matter where you are, you're here in my heart
Never, forever can't keep us apart
'Cos I love you [fade]

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