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Labi Siffre lyrics : "And The Wind Blows"

The wind of change blows
the prison walls remains
The hurricane runs

the beast of a man will not be changed
How come this hesitation?
When help is close at hand

Oh everybody knows, that's the way it goes


And the wind blows
And the lion has to kill
Before the heartbeats of his children are still

As the wind blows
Why do we wait as justice dies?
The price is very high

Must the bullets fly?
Mama don't you cry
Got to stop the white lie.

I couldn't believe it
To be so proud of it

But what we're gonna give
A teeny little bit
Is this the explanation

You never really cared
Well with or without you
The truth is coming through


Our children are dying
Our nation is crying
The price of our freedom

Is blood in our eyes
You tell us be patient
For years we have carried you

Now all you offer is dust in our eyes


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa