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KYLEE LOGAN : The Prodigal's Brother lyrics

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KYLEE LOGAN lyrics : "The Prodigal's Brother"

I'm stuck in a box in the attic
Filled with relics from the past

I am changing like static
Everyone's moving too fast
I am too slow to race them

I'm too afraid to chase them


But what if I'm where I should be?
And what If they've jumped the gun?

And they went off the deep end
They ran away from our youth

And they're too far gone to mend
The lies they traded for truth
Who do they have now?

What have they found
That's better than the grace
That they found in this place

I guess they grew up without me
Because I feel so small

I guess they found something better
And I haven't changed at all
I hate seeing them like this

I guess ignorance is bliss

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